How Much Do I Need to Apply For a Visitor Visa In Canada?

The account balance is a very essential detail when planning to apply for a visitor visa. The account bank statement is often required by the officer to ascertain if you can comfortably handle your finances during your stay in Canada. Hence, applicants who have been asking what amount should be in their account that will be sufficient enough for a visitor visa should have this information.

Although, the amount of money you need majorly depends on how long you are going to stay in Canada and whether you are planning to stay in a hotel or with your relatives or friends. However, you need to know why you need a visitor’s visa and what a visitor’s visa is.

What Is A Visitors Visa?

A visitors visa is a document given to travelers looking to spend some time in Canada for various reasons. Therefore, not being in possession of this visitors visa applicants cannot be granted application (that is, are not amissible into Canada).

Why You Need A Visitors Visa

Have you ever dreamt of going to Canada on a short trip for one thing or the other? Be it sightseeing, business, or vacation? You should know that you cannot e allowed into Canada without a visitors visa.

But, other than fund requirements, there are other key eligibility requirements that you must meet to apply for a visitor visa.

To apply, you must:

  • Have a valid passport or travel document
  • Be in the good health condition
  • Have no immigration-related convictions
  • Convince that you have prior ties to your home country and will return once the visa expires, such as a home, job, family, or financial assets
  • Convince that you return to your home country at the end of your Canada visit.

In addition, you can have an amount saved up for these;

  1. Flight tickets
  2. Hotel/accommodation
  3. Traveling domestic (buses, flights, trains, cabs, etc.)
  4. Some shopping, and
  5. Tickets for local attractions like aquarium, ferries, rides, safari, Ripley’s, CN tower, and others depending on your destination (they’re pretty expensive too)

In my opinion, for one person this amounts to $4,000-$7,000; however if possible make arrangements for $10,000 just to be sure. If you don’t use it, it’s in your bank so nothing to lose. Also, the officer requires the applicants to submit their assets values to make sure they can handle their finances while in Canada. In addition, the officer requires you to prove the strong ties you have to your home country. This is to make sure you do not have plans to stay more than expected in Canada.

How Much Money Applicants Need

Knowing that all fingers are not equal, applicants are to bear in mind that the $10,000 mentioned earlier is not definite. That is to say, however, the number of members of your family is a determinant factor. The price range is estimated at $10,000 per person. Hence, doing the maths for two people would cost a whopping $20,000.

If the members are more than five then you should know how much is applicable to you. If for any reason you do not pay up the fees your application might either be delayed or denied as the case may be.

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