How Much Money Can A Scholarship Give Me?

For students looking to pursue post-secondary education, applying for scholarships is one of the best ways to achieve their dreams without entering massive debt. However, you may be wondering, “how much scholarship money can I get?”

College is expensive, and unless you are in the very top percentage of the most sought-after applicants, full scholarships are unicorns. Even if you excel in athletics and have a grade point average of 4.0, you still need a nice mix of community service, extracurricular activities, and a great story to tell to make yourself stand out against the hundreds of likely candidates you’re competing against.

Depending on the nature of the scholarship you are looking for, some scholarships can give you between $5000 – $10000. However, this varies widely because different schools and degrees will offer different amounts.

There are types of scholarships;

  • Full-time scholarships;
  • Partial scholarships;
  • Small scholarships.

Full-Time Scholarships

This type of scholarship is the wishlist of every student seeking scholarships. Although, this type of scholarship is only given to a few people. A child who is making national headlines for athletic skills, musical virtuosity, scientific discoveries, or academic achievements may be on track for schools offering full rides, or at least very enticing award packages.

When we consider the full-time scholarship, having a GP of 4.0 is not enough. Most schools offering full-time scholarships lookout for outstanding students. Students who are not only academically sound but also have other endearing qualities. Qualities could range from being a leader to being outspoken and bold. Athleticism as well is an added advantage (depending on the type of scholarship you are applying for). That said, there are still plenty of partial scholarships, private scholarships, and other types of aid that can help defray college costs.

Partial Scholarships

Partial scholarships are much more realistic to get and students should be aiming at applying for this type of scholarship. Having an open mind and not downgrading other scholarship schemes can be the way forward for you. That is, there are other scholarship schemes that will go a long way in helping out in your college. Also, remember that sometimes money doesn’t come directly from the college at all. Civic organizations, businesses, and professional associations offer thousands of dollars in scholarships every year, and if you pick up a few of those, they add up quickly.

However, this is easier as this type of scholarship can come from a different source. Unlike the full time were being good only at a particular thing is not enough. This type of scholarship gives you options. You can be given the scholarship solely on your athletism or your academic performance but not both.

Small Scholarships

When you spend hours applying for scholarships but do not get the particular one you want it does not mean you have wasted your time. Small scholarships of $5,000 and under can cover big chunks of your education. Also, they can be used for books, dorm fees, and other expenses besides your tuition. Like we mentioned before, any little bit of extra scholarship money towards your college education will help you out with tuition or expenses.

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