How To Apply For A Visitor’s Visa

A visitor’s visa is an immigration document that allows foreign nationals to travel to and enter Canada. People have often asked in the past the process of applying for a visitor’s visa and this article shows you how. However, you need to understand how and what a visa is.

A visitor visa is also referred to as a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), it is an official document issued by a Canadian visa office that is placed in your passport to show that you have met the requirements for admission to Canada as a temporary resident (either as a visitor, a student, or a worker).  Everyone who wants to enter Canada who is not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident requires a visitor visa. However, Canadian permanent residents need not apply. Citizens must travel with their international passport, hence, a visitor visa is not required.

Types of Visitors Visa

There are two types of visitors visa and they are;

  • Single Entry Visa
  • Multiple Entry Visa

Single Entry Visa

This type of visa allows foreign nationals to enter Canada one-time only. Holders are only allowed to fly into the country one time. Hence, the Single Entry Visa expires after a single usage of the visa.

Multiple Entry Visa

This type of visa allows holders to enter and leave Canada as often as they want as long as the visa is valid. In addition, holders can travel for six months at a time as long as the visa is valid. Also, visas are valid for up to 10 years. The advantage of this is that if at any time you choose to leave the school/work temporarily, you can come back without applying for a new visa.

However, no one can choose which to apply for. In other words, applicants are automatically selected for the Multiple Entry Visa. Although, they can also be given a Single Entry Visa depending on the circumstance.

How To Apply

You can apply for a visitor visa online or on paper. If you are traveling as a family, each family member, including dependent children, must complete their own application. However, you may submit all of the applications together. Applicants may be required to include biometric information in their application, depending on their country of citizenship.

Applications will be prioritized for individuals who are currently eligible to travel based on current travel restrictions.

Why You Should Apply Online

There is edge applicants have when applying online such as;

  • The online applications are most times processed quicker than applying on paper;
  • When you apply on paper you can have incomplete applications. However, applying online makes sure you have the complete documents needed. Hence, avoiding unnecessary delays;
  • No courier fees needed;
  • When asked for any other document, you can easily send it across;
  • You don’t need to submit your passport until we ask for it;
  • The application status is sent straight to your online account.

Documents Required For a Visitors Visa

  • Proof of your ties to your home country;
  • Proof of funds for your visit to Canada;
  • ID such as a passport or county resident card;
  • A letter of invitation from the person inviting you to come to Canada;
  • Proof that you will be staying in Canada only on a temporary basis.

Applicants must get the TRV before leaving their country. Applicants cannot obtain a TRV upon arrival in Canada.

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