The University of Lethbridge Scholarship For International Students

The University of Lethbridge are offering undergraduate and graduate international students an opportunity to study in Canada with a scholarship. Students who are in the field of business and are currently studying in the University of Lethbridge or are have just gained admission into the university can apply for this scholarship.

Studying in Canada is not cheap, which is why you as an international student need a scholarship and other financial aid to help you pay for your studies. Majority of universities in Canada offer multiple scholarships to international students when they gain admission.

About this Scholarship

Scholarship Description:

Canada University of Lethbridge International Bursary, 2021-22 is open for International Students. The scholarship allows Undergraduate, Graduate level program(s) in the field of Business taught at the University of Lethbridge. The deadline for the scholarship is 01 Mar 2021.

Degree Level:

Canada University of Lethbridge International Bursary, 2021-22 is available to undertake Undergraduate, Graduate level programs at .

Available Subjects:

Following subject are available to study under this scholarship program.


Scholarship Benefits:

The University of Lethbridge will provide an award amount of $2,000 to the successful candidates.

Eligible Nationalities:

International Students are eligible for this scholarship program.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible, the applicants must meet all the following criteria:

Applicants must demonstrate financial need.

Students should have high school certificates

Application Procedure:

In order to apply for the award, applicants must take admission in an undergraduate or graduate degree program at the school.

How to Apply

To apply for this scholarship, applicants must submit their applications via the link listed below.

Click Here

How to Get A Scholarship in Canada

  1. The first step you’d take to start applying for any scholarship is to confirm if the listed scholarship is meant for you and if you qualify for the scholarship. Know the different types of scholarships that are available, the difference between grants and scholarships, and other types of financial aid available to students. Here are some of the scholarships available to students.
    1. Academic Excellence Scholarship or Merit Scholarship: This type of scholarship is available to international students who have achieved a good level of academic excellence, and have met the minimum GPA requirements required by the school.
    2. Entrance Scholarship: Unlike the Academic scholarship, your academic qualification is also required, but not a high GPA as will be required when you apply for an Academic Excellence Scholarship.
    3. Sports Scholarship: You can earn a scholarship based on athletic ability. There are so many schools in Canada that are offering scholarships to students who attend their school to play for the sports team.
    4. Financial Need or Need-Based Scholarship: this is another type of university scholarship available for Undergraduate, Graduates, and Postgraduate students who lack the financial means to pay for their studies abroad. This type of scholarship requires students to show or demonstrate financial need to qualify. The student must also prove that the parents or guardians are unable to pay their fees because they cannot afford them.
  2. Find out the different available scholarships and d also find out the requirements for each scholarship you wish to apply for, and then start submitting your application. Below are some steps on how to find a scholarship
    1. Search databases and online
    2. Register for a Scholarship Search or sign up with to get scholarship updates
    3. Talk to counselors
    4. Fill out a FAFSA (Federal Student Aid) even if you don’t need it because some scholarships will require it
    5. Talk to friends and family
    6. Talk to people on forums like Facebook and Quora
    7. Ask the university you are wanting to apply to
    8. Look for companies that will sponsor you
  3. Start Applying: To win any scholarship meeting the requirements is not just enough, you must be quick with your application and try to beat the deadline. Gather up all the scholarships, their requirements, and their individual deadline. Then you can start applying immediately.

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